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To be fair, any discussion about digital design should start with one word: "Why?"

More to the point, with the glut of online tools and services for generating do-it-yourself web sites, graphics, and user interfaces, the question does beg: Why does anyone need a professional designer?

You might just as easily walk into a hardware store that sells cheap paint, and ask yourself, "Why hire a professional house painter when I can just do it myself?" The answer, of course, is that professional results require professional expertise.

An experienced professional is probably able to create and deploy digital content more efficiently than you. By that measuring stick alone, bringing in a pro does more than save time; it saves needless trouble and expense. Hiring a designer like Amalgamated Binaries frees clients to concentrate on their own area of expertise — namely, running their business.

Quality, Not Quantity

There are no shortcuts to great design.

If you want your online presence to stand out, to be original and compelling, don't entrust its design to a DIY service that measures success by the number of sites it delivers rather than the quality of sites it creates. The last thing you want is a "canned" web site that shares the same cookie-cutter layout, public domain artwork, and stock photography as a hundred others. That's just not the way we do things here.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Prefab design suffers from more than lack of originality. The technology behind mass-produced content is built for speed and simplicity, often at the expense of compliance with Web standards. Prefab sites are less likely to be fully compatible with current and future standards (meaning they might not display correctly on all platforms), and they can be notoriously difficult to maintain over time.

All our custom work — web sites, custom scripting, and more — is professionally prepared in accordance with your individual needs. We use the latest markup languages, and we rigorously test for compatibility across all platforms, from desktop computers to mobile devices, smartphones, and tablet PCs.

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