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our services

We offer a variety of services for those looking to create, optimize, or promote their presence on the World Wide Web.

Our primary service is the design and enhancement of client web sites. Some of our customers are Web "first-timers", but most already have a working site and want to improve its appearance, add features, or update its underlying code. We are often asked to boost a client site's ranking by the major search services (Google, Bing, etc.). We're also experienced at updating web sites for better display under the latest generation of mobile devices.

Although web site design is our core business, it is by no means our only one.

Amalgamated Binaries is a leader and innovator in user interface design, kiosk-based applications, and network landing pages. We produce sharp, professional logos and other graphics, for both digital and print media. We create and manage electronic documents, online newsletters, and interactive brochures. We routinely consult with firms about online marketing and advertising projects, with emphasis on targeted branding.

We pride ourselves on high-caliber, professional results. Our clients appreciate that our work is budget- and timetable-friendly.

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We Are Message-Centric

Regardless of the job, a single priority comes first: Getting your message out.

  • What do you want to say?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What is your best-result outcome?

All our services are geared to indentifying, embracing, and spreading the central message that defines you, and your business or organization. Everything we do supports your message, or it won't find its way into the finished product.

Impactful, message-centric services are our stock and trade.

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