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Our Design & Development Process

our design and development process

Our workflow process reflects our clean, clear, and straightforward approach to design.

Whether the project is web site creation, interface design, or graphics, workflow details are tailored to each client's specific requirements. As a result, individual projects can be very different. However, all our work shares two simple goals:

1. It must attract the attention you want (i.e., specific visitors or viewers) from a targeted group or demographic. If you are looking to market a product or service, this group is made up of potential customers.

2. It must spur these visitors to action. This might be initiating a purchase or acquiring information, or it could be merely expressing interest about your product or service.

To achieve these goals, you must know your target audience.

Above all, your audience must be engaged and their attention retained. They must be able find what they want, navigating your content via sensible, intuitive means. Doing this well means you've identified and met their needs, and you've anticipated and answered their questions.

Engineering a Successful Outcome

To turn leads into prospects, and prospects into customers, your media must produce a positive experience for the target audience. Development and delivery of successful projects — web sites, online marketing campaigns, logos, scripting — requires good planning, creativity, thorough testing, and timely deployment, but the overall process itself always begins with a vision.

That vision germinates from ideas shared between client and designer. These ideas are proposed, debated, and revised. The original vision is shaped and refined to form the basis for planning and a framework for creativity.

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